"There are two ways to learn lessons in life, the first is by observing and learning from the behavior of
other folks and second is by getting hit in the face with a 2 x 4 yourself. Both will help you learn the lesson,
but one is certainly less painful."
~ Jefe Smith from his book, LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD

Death Valley

IMG_1882It was pretty late in the year (i.e. too cold) for a motorcycle ride, but the Sweetwater Boys wanted to ride.  I am not a good cold weather rider, so I packed every bit of my warm stuff and joined them for a cold, beautiful and empty road ride.

The details of this ride and some pretty stunning pictures are on a posting I put up on YouMotorcycle.com.  I like that site. It is a motorcycle lifestyle site.  It has some crazy posts and some interesting posts and it is a pretty entertaining place for motorcyclists to visit.  So click the link below and see the Death Valley Ride Post.  Afterward you can cruise the YouMotorcycle site if you want.






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