"It gets to the point that some part of the riding bud relationship begins to go bad as some lifestyle
issue or riding style issue starts growing like those green mold spots on an old block of cheddar."

~ Jefe Smith from his book, LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD to KEY WEST

Bob Seger

One of the things I try to do for people is to capture the feeling of riding down an open road.  Everyone who rides feels it, but trying to describe that feeling is damn difficult.  A good friend of mine, Charlie Ade, recently reintroduced me to a song by Bob Seger called Roll Me Away from his 1982 album, The…

Electronic Attention Deficit

It concerns me considerably that all this electronic magic on motorcycles can easily take away from necessary riding focus.  If you are a biker, you know that it takes a good amount of attention and focus to keep that motorcycle vertical and you safe from the multiple hazards that hover around your riding ass.  These days…