"It gets to the point that some part of the riding bud relationship begins to go bad as some lifestyle
issue or riding style issue starts growing like those green mold spots on an old block of cheddar."

~ Jefe Smith from his book, LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD to KEY WEST

Riding Buds

After a quick dip in the motel pool at the end of a hot riding day these riding buds express the warmth and friendship that are a unique part of sharing life on the road. Friends are one of the greatest treats life hands to us.  The respect, the support, the play, the sharing all…


Hite, Utah used to be the uppermost marina on spectacularly beautiful Lake Powell. There were houseboats, small boats, bait shops and normal boating related commerce in the upper end of the awesome Glen Canyon which was carved over millions of years by the Colorado River at the same time it carved the Grand Canyon immediately…


I am not into making commercial plugs and nobody is paying me to write this but this is some road experience to consider. Most of the trips I take involve spending nights at motels. I know that some bikers are committed campers and there is a giant pleasure in being self-sufficient, close to nature and…